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FIT on market is designed specifically for those who are comfortable with their fitness regime and want to find a way to be as efficient as possible on their fitness journey. Access to Matrix treadmills, suspension and ascent ellipticals, upright, spin, and recumbent cycles, and a Matrix Climbmill is all part of the layout.

A wide variety of Matrix branded strength training equipment suitable for all, except for those who demand the heaviest of weights. Brand new tiled showers with attached private dressing rooms, coupled with multi-tiered lockers provide the perfect spot for getting refreshed and back to work or play quickly and comfortably.

As FIT on market will be operated as an unmanned gym, we consider your safety paramount and have implemented a series of emergency communication options to call emergency responders should a need arise. Our access control system provides the ability to take advantage of all Fit on Market delivers from 5:00a.m. until 10:00p.m. and all this is offered without an enrollment or initiation fee!

Safety Details

At FIT on market, our focus is on providing a safe and comfortable environment so that you can focus on you! Most importantly for us to accomplish this goal, we ask for your cooperation by wearing a mask at all times when you are not on a piece of equipment or using the strength and stretching areas of the gym. Please maintain a social distance of at least 6ft when possible.
AtmosAir, a bi-polar ionization system has been installed which continuously disinfects the air as well as surfaces. Bi-polar ionization has been highly effective in eradicating viruses, including COVID 19, through the use of nature’s high-energy exchange process (found in waterfalls, lightning, and ocean waves). Additionally, the gym will be serviced three times per day by a cleaning attendant following CDC guidelines for your safety and comfort.
We expect that many of you will have high level fitness goals and with that comes a demanding workout. Our commitment to your safety includes the following devices which allow you to summon emergency assistance from either the on-site security team or in some cases direct contact to municipal emergency responders.
  • Emergency telephone that allows you to just dial 911
  • Panic Button that alerts both the emergency responders and on-site security
  • 4 personal safety devices that can be worn while working out that permit a call to emergency responders by the push of a button
  • Automated External Defibrillator
  • Cameras throughout the main portion of the gym
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